Aquaponics plants

In theory you can grow just about any type of plant in an aquaponics system. In practice, some types of plants will grow more easily than other types of plants. There is also a difference between the types of plants you can easily grow in a newly setup (immature) aquaponics system and plants that can be grown in an established (mature) system. This is our list of favorite aquaponics plants.

You can grow any type of plant that grows above the ground in your DIY aquaponics system (the "greens"). Some types of root crops can also be grown in your system. Plants yielding fruits (tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers) are also well suited for growing in an aquaponics system. In general, any fruit or vegetable that grows above ground can do well in an aquaponics system provided its nutrients are supplied. Many types of herbs can also be grown.

Vegetables in an aquaponics garden

LettuceA great vegetable to grow in a DIY aquaponics system. It grows in very new and immature setups. It takes approximately 24 days to grow lettuce in an aquaponics system.
HerbsMost types of herbs can be grown, and the system can be quite immature for the herbs to thrive.
TomatoesIt is certainly possible to grow very nice tomatoes in an aquaponics system. However, as tomatoes are a fruiting plant, they require more nutrients from the system to grow. In general, tomatoes will grow better in a more mature DIY aquaponics system (ie, one that is half a year old). In a new system, tomatoes can be grown by adding chelated fertilizers.
CornCorn can also be grown, it is best to grow this only when the system has matured, after at least 6 months of operation. This is because corn requires large amounts of nutrients that may not be present in a newly started setup.
BeansBeans grow very well in an aquaponics setup. Ensure that the beans have support lines to grow up against so not to grow on top of the other plants in the plant beds.
SpinachSpinach can be grown well in the system. Note that spinach needs a lot of Iron in the nutrients, so it is recommended to ensure Iron levels are high (add Chelated Iron fertilizer if needed).
ChivesCan be grown, even in a fairly new system.
BasilCan be grown, even in a fairly new system.
WatercressThis plant is extremely well suited for use in a DIY aquaponics setup. Watercress is a great biological filter for clearing the water flowing back into the fish tank.
Bell peppersA great choice to include in the system. It is recommended to let the system mature for at least 6 months before adding bell peppers.
CucumbersA great choice to include in the system. It is recommended to let the system mature for at least 6 months before adding cucumbers.