Aquaponics supplies

Building your own aquaponics system can be a lot of fun and getting the right supplies is critical for your sucess. It can be quite a challenge to get your aquaponics supplies. This page aims to help out, by becoming a "yellow pages" of businesses and individuals alike willing to sell you the aquaponics supplies that you need at a fair price.

Remember that it takes time, effort and money to properly set up your aquaponics system. You will need to invest all three to achieve a system that really thrives. Then again, there is no need to overdo it - no gold plated tube fittings are required!

The supplies you will most likely need for your aquaponic setup are:
Fish tankIn a DIY system, a fish tank is often made from a used IBC container that was originally used for foods, and bath tubs and custom built fish tanks are also used. You can also buy plastic, steel or fiberglass fish tanks. In larger systems, open ponds, large stock tanks or even swimming pools have been integrated.
Water pumpsThese pumps are used to transfer the water from the fish tank into the grow beds. In some setups, only one pump is needed and the rest of the system is gravity fed. In other setups, multiple pumps are used (ie one water pump to pump water from the tank to the plant bed, and one pump to pump water from the sump tank back into the fish tank).
Sump pumpsOptional depending on design. Water that has drained into your sump tank will have to be pumped back into the fish tank. A sump pump is used to prevent the sump tank from overflowing.
Tubing (plumbing)Pluming is required to connect the pump in the fish tank to the plants, and plumbing can also include (auto) siphons and venturi elements, depending on the system design.
Water filterOptional in gravel beds, required in systems that only use deep water culture (DWC) or the floating raft system. Water filters remove the solids (fish waste) from the water.
Grow lightsOptional for an outdoor system, but absolutely essential for indoor systems. Grow lights supply the plants with the energy they need to grow and selecting the right grow lights has a big impact on plant performance and on the monthly energy charges.

Use only safe Aquaponics supplies!

  • Let's start with a warning first. Do NOT use copper in any component of your system. It is toxic for your fish!
  • You can safely use Polypropylene - it has a PP label printed on it.
  • High Density Polyethylene - it has a HDPE printed on it.
  • High Impact ABS for the grow trays.
  • EDPM or PVC pond liner - ensure UV resistance and don't use fire retardant materials.
  • Fiberglass for tanks and grow beds
  • PVC pipes and fittings