Combining Aquaculture and Hydroponics: growing fish and plants together in a re-circulating system. is a personal aquaponics website for sharing tips&ideas with the aquaponic community. When I learn more about all aspects of my DIY system - you will learn it here too. The website will continue to grow, as lessons learned will be added to the pages most closely related to the topic at hand. The website will grow into a very useful resource for the community.

Welcome, and let me start by expressing my sincere hope that you will find this aquaponics site useful. This site is easy to navigate, once you have found the top navigation and the "page navigation" links to the right of the page. In the related section are pages closely related to this one (often in-depth sections related to the page topic). To go back up one level, click on the parent page link in the same section. As for this site, I have a few goals:

Goal 1 - Collect relevant aquaponic knowledge

I have read many hundreds of pages (in fact, probably well over a thousand pages) on all relevant and not-so-relevant aquaponic subjects, including what type and size of system to go for, what fish to use, what plants to grow, what fertilizers to apply, how to build a DIY system, etc. And as a result, I have spent countless hours reading webpages and watching many videos. There is a wealth of aquaponics information available online, some excellent, some not worth mentioning and some downright incorrect and dangerous. Yet there is too much information to remember, so I have captured all the relevant bits and structured them into a personal site. I am very proud of the result thus far. Please check out the "research" section of this site for all the information that I found relevant. It started out as a personal spot to collect and structure all the (often conflicting) opinions "out there", and has grown into a site with value to the aquaponic community in general - not just to me.

Goal 2 - Show the aquaponics system

The Aquaponic system section contains specific information on my very own DIY system, including rationale for the choices I have made. As of the time of writing, I am still in the early planning stages. Right now, I still learn something new and relevant every single day. And often, these new insights mean design changes. I want to build a quality aquaponics system that will last a decade, and I'm a first-time-right kind of guy. So I won't waste money buying parts for a test system. I am a thinker and planner ahead of being a do-er - I want to know what I am building before I start, and when I design something I want it to work. I want the system to work for me - and not the other way round. I want it to produce tons of healthy food, rich in nutrients and minerals, while reducing my dependance on food and energy availability. And, even though I live in a cold climate, I don't have a greenhouse. I'd love one, but buying one is not the main budget priority. So the system will have to deal with wind, snow, ice, and lots and lots of rain. One excellent aquaponic challence - and I am up for a challenge!

Goal 3 - Interact with the aquaponics community

I love to get feedback and this site is the best way I know of to interact with the aquaponic community. I have learned a lot from the community members, from their own websites and videos, and this is my chance to give back to this community. I have found many enthousiasts to be aquaponic experts, and these experts have much to offer. Maybe one day I'll become an aquaponic expert too. Until such time, please leave comments and provide me with insights that I currently do not have. You can confirm when I am on the right track, or inform me of better ways to achieve goals. I'd appreciate it if the comments are constructive critisism and help me build a better aquaponic system.

Site structure

This site contains the following sections: the system, resources, experts and forum. Each section has many subsections containing specific and related information. For example, my system is described in the system section, including design choices and implementation progress. In time, I intend to make the system status "live" on the internet, so that everyone who is interested in what my system is doing can check in. The resources section contains all the information I have found to be relevant. It is a combination of many different aquaponic experts combined with my own lessons learned. The experts section contains an overview of all people that I have come across during my research that have useful aquaponic knowledge, I have included as much information on each of these people as I can, including their opinions and links to their own aquaponic sites. The forum provides a platform for many-to-many style discussions on every aquaponics subject imaginable, from seeds to fingerlings, from greenhouses to nitrogen levels and from medium size to bell siphons. If you can think of it, you can start a discussion about it.